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The Olive Tree of Vouves, Crete (Ancient Olive Tree)

The Olive Tree of Vouves, Crete (Ancient Olive Tree)

The Olive Tree of Vouves, Crete

17 June 2018


Use your imagination to follow the roots of these giant trees. See how deep you go. It is a very grounding experience to connect with such an old mother, let’s call this tree over there, who is still giving and giving. This is the reason why she attracts so many visitors. She can give you some wisdom of the ages as she has seen so much. It might sound a bit unusual to say that trees can see, but they have the psychic sight, let us call it. Any questions?


Meditation Exercise

Go close to the tree, ground yourself with your own feet. Imagine the tree’s roots and make your own roots as well with the tree. Have your hands on the tree, you can do this with any tree. This will assist in the awakening of the ancient source that is buried in the soil. As you send your own roots down, you are creating an opening in the Earth. You do not make only one root going straight down, you begin with one and have it branch off like roots tend to do. In this way you become one with the tree, you ground yourselves firmly on this land mass and you also open up more channels for the nutrients from the ancient source to come in through your roots into your energy fields. In the future any time you visit an archaeological site, find a tree and do the same thing. You will be serving that site and serving your own development. Any questions? Let’s make it short today.

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