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Healing Circle Crete, Summer Solstice

Healing Circle Crete, Summer Solstice

21 June 2017

Healing Circle Crete, Summer Solstice

Everyone close your eyes. Go inside. This is the power of the darkness, the power of the night. It welcomes you to go deeper into your own center to access more those hidden resources that you yourself possess. People generally spend a lot of time going out, going out of themselves. Even when you go on the computer, you are going out of yourself. You are seeking something outside of your own inner realms. This is what the humans are losing with this battle of technology. They are losing those inner pathways. If you want to discover God, if you want to become enlightened you have to go inside. It is inside of you. It is not sitting alongside your guru. Your guru is telling you to meditate, meditate, meditate. Why? So you close from the out and go deeper and deeper and as you go in you may discover many things that you want to take out. But don’t spend too much time at the garbage bin dumping what you don’t need. Turn around and go back in again, go deeper.


Now that the light has reached it peak, the darkness starts to increase and the nights become longer. This gives the traveler the chance to turn inward more often. If you can’t spend an hour a day sitting in meditation you can spend 5 minutes 5 times a day or 3 minutes 10 times a day, just to turn in. Just give yourself the suggestion I am turning in now, I am turning inward, I turn in, I turn inward. This will help to open up those doors that slam behind you as you rush out for another reason rather than the search for oneness with the self. This is our introduction today to this small group, very well that we have an intimate gathering.

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