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MEDITATION in honor of ATHENA GODDESS of wisdom, courage and inspiration

Join Jayne Claire channeling the DELPHINIANS under the big Rock , ACROPOLIS in ATHENS on SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2018 at 12:00hrs for a group reading and meditation geared towards incorporating the energies of the Goddess ATHENA into your field.

Meet under the entrance to the theater before 12:00pm !

Suggested donation 20euros.

For more information call JC +30  6987944921

Goddess Festival, Athens

Goddess Festival, Athens

November 2015

Close your eyes, we want to bring in the goddess. So if you can close your eyes and bring one of those goddesses in; of course you are in Greece now so we suggest you honor a Greek goddess.  If you don’t know you can always use Athena, because she is available, you know.  It is not honorable to only honor only the female, so we have already done the job yesterday to honor the gods. Put the goddess in your mind.  See if you can animate her now, let her come alive.  If you just perform the dance routine here, you use your imaginations to bring her as one of the participants.  Now we have music so you can imagine her dancing. You know that dancing frees the spirit.  Anytime you are feeling sad or gloomy, you can put some music on and dance.  We would like …

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