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Elefsina Archaeological Site ~ Day 1

Elefsina Archaeological Site ~ Day 1

29 August 2015


Our interest is always energy moving, energetic connecting and Earth balancing so we will ask you all right away to stand and make a circle here. Stand in a circle. Most people take their problems to work with them; we are interested in taking your problems off of you today. Move close together. We want to walk around behind you, we are interested in energy moving and we want to touch you all. Close your eyes and let it all go to the Earth as you exhale.


Imagine two channels from the bottom of your feet going into the Mother Earth. This country belongs to you; the Earth here is welcoming for any of your stress. The Earth is always grateful to receive your gratitude. Do not forget. Do not put anything in your mouth before you thank the Mother, even a cigarette. Tobacco is …

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