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Elefsina Archaeological Site ~ Day 1

Elefsina Archaeological Site ~ Day 1

29 August 2015


Our interest is always energy moving, energetic connecting and Earth balancing so we will ask you all right away to stand and make a circle here. Stand in a circle. Most people take their problems to work with them; we are interested in taking your problems off of you today. Move close together. We want to walk around behind you, we are interested in energy moving and we want to touch you all. Close your eyes and let it all go to the Earth as you exhale.


Imagine two channels from the bottom of your feet going into the Mother Earth. This country belongs to you; the Earth here is welcoming for any of your stress. The Earth is always grateful to receive your gratitude. Do not forget. Do not put anything in your mouth before you thank the Mother, even a cigarette. Tobacco is a sacred substance, do not abuse it. Breathe deeply and exhale into the Earth. When you inhale, bring the energy up through your feet from the Great Mother. Through the same channels now you are bringing the love from the Mother Earth, the Great Mother. She responds with the wind, see? So you bring the love up through your feet every time you inhale.


Take your seats now and we will have a talk. Through this whole talk, keep the love flowing. Sometimes you do not feel like you are receiving enough love from your loved ones so where can you turn? God is always available but you are walking on the Earth. The Earth is a very powerful organism and you can easily receive from the Earth. Obviously, everyday you are receiving something from the Earth. How about oxygen? Can you live without oxygen? You are breathing oxygen; you are drinking water and putting food into your mouths. You all have the power to bless the food before you eat it. You all know that God is inside you, sometimes you find it and some times you do not. When you meditate you are seeking those silent moments when you can feel it. Many times the thoughts cloud the path of silence. We will suggest that you simply walk barefoot on the earth and do that simple exercise of brining the love up when you inhale. We will be there to assist you.


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