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Eleutherna Crete Ceremony, (group session)

Eleutherna Crete Ceremony, (group session)

18 February 2018 

Eleutherna Crete Ceremony,

We are laughing along with you and you should be laughing about all this. You know that yesterday was why? why? why? Today is: why not? why not? why not? As everyone discovers obstacles on their way or you take the wrong route or you are very late…it doesn’t matter. Why not?

We have warned you that this island was going to be a tough land to access. Lots of distractions but your efforts do not go unawarded. If you have a jar that you want to open and get inside and if you cannot open it you might ask someone to help or you might smack it, but you do not give up. Our answer to Jayne is don’t give up; don’t throw in the towel yet. Keep pushing. You know that you are on the site at the moment. It has not …

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