Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Cape Sounio, Attica

You all know that Poseidon was, probably, your most fierce god – if you think he could not have beaten up his brother, Zeus, you are wrong… you know how the sea can wear away the earth… what can the earth do to the sea? Perhaps contain it, perhaps affect the currents, but control? Absolutely not!

Now, as you know, this god was the representative of the water… the first thing We want you all to do is to increase your intake of water, particularly, for the next two weeks – don’t drink the water from the tap unless you filter it… so you want the purest water you can find – if you live next to or near a natural spring, take the trip and carry some water back home, at least one liter more per day…

Not only do We connect you, energetically, with the Site, We introduce

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