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Why many GURUS have a dark side?

Why many GURUS have a dark side?

Why many GURUS have a dark side? Why do they acquire a bad reputation??   It makes me feel hopeless..

There is no hope for humanity. As a human you always have foibles. And the pilgrim who is looking for God wants to SEE God . If you are traveling and going someplace you have never been before, let’s say Rome.. you are driving on roads that you don’t know. How do you feel when you see a sign that says Rome with an arrow? Don’t you feel relieved? And you continue driving, you still don’t know where you are going and you see another sign with an arrow pointing to Rome. You may think ‘ did someone turn that sign, is this the right direction, did I take a wrong road? ‘ Until you see another sign that says Rome, Rome…100 K…and then you feel ‘ Yes , Yes!!’  And then you are driving again and might have the same feelings.
Now those signs were not planted in Rome were they? They weren’t IN Rome. So they weren’t giving you everything, they only gave you direction. And then you also know that when somebody is recognized for something, there are always others who say ‘ they don’t deserve that’.  They are not so close to God because they did this or that. What is the absolute truth?  Unless  you have met that person then maybe you would know that you were in Rome when you were with them. Rome is a place but also consider the word ‘roam’.
Look at the religion of Ancient Greece, all the Gods had human characteristics didn’t they? No Gods were pure were they ? They were filled with vengeance and fire. Why is that? Because they were closer to the human idea. When you think about God does God have a form? Masculine or feminine? NO! Who is God anyway? And what’s a Guru? A Guru is a teacher. Let’s look at a teacher. A teacher of Math. They are not math are they? They TEACH math. You are a teacher of  the French language but you are not the French language are you? You are just teaching it . So perhaps all of the gurus are just teachers , they are not the manifestation of God.
It is natural to be disappointed. But better to see that they are human first. Before the title that they have taken , whether it is Mother Theresa or Guru Rasgnage. Jesus was a man, Christ is a consciousness. Jesus was a man who reached Christ consciousness. And that is the goal of Christianity, to reach Christ consciousness. You know the seven deadly sins, the virtues, the Ten Commandments, etc…these are steps to help you to reach Christ consciousness. Say that you are swimming in the Christ consciousness then you have the seven virtues and the seven sins are buried at the bottom of the sea. They are there though, they are present. So look at one Guru and you see that they have expressed a deadly sin, rage or something, envy.. so what?
You see purity as a sign of virtue, which it well is. On the Earth plane you don’t have to say it is impossible but it is improbable. Everyone on their own path has opportunity. Say you are climbing a mountain and you become very hungry. You might grab an apple off a tree before asking that tree ‘ May I have an apple?’ You might unconsciously take it not realizing that you are putting a wound on that consciousness of the tree, a wound of greed of humanity. Now you buy some apples and you don’t realize that you are contributing to a wound of the consciousness of the fruit trees, because  they have been sprayed etc. Humanity has a long way to go.  Let’s respect everything on the planet Earth , why not? And forgiveness is next to Godliness. So take the teaching and forgive the teacher and let them behind you.

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(Excerpt from a private session)