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Thessaloniki Healing Circle

Thessaloniki Healing Circle

25 November 2017


It really is time to celebrate. The more challenges, the more problems that you encounter in your day by day existence should give you the sense of duality between good and bad. So if something seems to be really bad, then you have to find the opposite in your existence, because it exists. There is always some type of a balancing occurring in your lives. If you can, stand on one foot. See how balanced you actually are. Then you can try the other foot. This is a simple method of testing yourselves. We want to get right to the physical operations here so can you move closer together in a circle and we can go behind you. Of course we want you to all stand with your arms pointing straight down so you can imagine that the energy is moving out of your middle finger, going into the Earth so you can benefit from what we are bringing here. These months are always good for cleaning up. Clean your closets, clean your desks, do a fast to clean your physical forms before the holiday’s indulgences show up. What we are doing here is just clearing your energy. Breathe deeply and just imagine the energy going out of the middle fingers…Keep the energy going out of the hands.


Now you can sit and take some deep breaths, open the door a moment so we can clean the air…The Earth’s magnetism is quite impressive and the human being is an electromagnetic organism. It is your responsibility to keep your energies up. There is nothing worse than negative thinking and of course we have said it a million times. If you do not feel well, do not keep affirming it. Affirm the opposite, even if you have to say to yourself – I’m feeling better – even if you are not.

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