Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Lydia River

You all must know that ‘there are no accidents’, particularly when you are working with this type of a Source…
So We begin…
Close your eyes and ground yourself here… send some energy into the earth, remember that exercise that you did yesterday – if you were present – and use that channel

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Vouliagmeni Lake, Attica

Of course, We are here, We are with you each and everyone… please sit in an open manner; don’t cross your arms or legs so that you may allow the energy to move without blocks…
If you want to protect yourself from a situation or the energy of another, you can cross your fingers in

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Thessaloniki, Open

Days after Sai Baba’s departure
Surely you know that the things are getting more serious now…
If you look around, you may witness former members of tribal life; you’ve shared many lifetimes with others in this Gathering…
This is the future; it’s time to start looking for your tribe
in order to co-operate with

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