Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Loutraki, Aridaia (Day 1)

(at a plateau near the waterfalls)

Of course, We’ve been storing energy for each of you…
Sometimes in your life, you can’t see the big picture, you can’t see the forest because you’re looking at just one tree; hopefully, after this journey today, you will be able to see the whole forest…
This doesn’t mean that you will be walking for hours, but you are going to be walking for a short time… We want you to ground the Light so as you sit here now, start absorbing the light from the sun and bring it down – how do you do that?
Just feel it, surrender to it, close your eyes and let the sun fill you with energy… when you are walking, after this Meeting, you are going to be sending the light out through this right leg… every time

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If you see that life does not necessarily become easier, the wiser one becomes…
Many times, it becomes more complicated in order to allow those participants in the life to evolve, to develop, to put their wisdom to good use…
At this moment in your life, it’s appropriate to accept that you have this wonderful position in the life of your child… to accept that your child has chosen her position on the earth, her position within the family, her position in her life at the moment…
She’s not a typical human being!
These children – and they are not indigo children – are crystallized
And this means that her emotional body takes on a different form… or responds to life in a different, a new way or method than the old model, which is you, your wife
E.g. consider the automobile: now you have an automobile that

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