Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Vouliagmeni Lake, Attica

Of course, We are here, We are with you each and everyone… please sit in an open manner; don’t cross your arms or legs so that you may allow the energy to move without blocks…
If you want to protect yourself from a situation or the energy of another, you can cross your fingers in

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Cape Sounio, Attica

You all know that Poseidon was, probably, your most fierce god – if you think he could not have beaten up his brother, Zeus, you are wrong… you know how the sea can wear away the earth… what can the earth do to the sea? Perhaps contain it, perhaps affect the currents, but control? Absolutely

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Loutraki, Aridaia (Day 2)

How many found themselves floating down the river last night in the dream? How many dreamt about the water?
Any dreams? Go on! We want to interpret the dreams first…
(Ef.) I dreamt I was somewhere with people I knew and others I didn’t and they were all white, also a dog – white

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Road Trip (Vouliagmeni Lake – Sounio – Delphi)

Vouliagmeni Lake, 12th March 2010

Always if you should enter the water, symbolically, if you don’t feel like putting your physical form in, you can do it with your imagination; it’s an opportunity to take even more strength from the earth, from the positioning of the earth… the earth is shifting and this is something

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