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Healing Circle & WALK for GODDESS ATHENA in ATHENS

Healing Circle in ATHENS Friday MARCH 29, 2019


We will have a group session with the DELPHINIANS as they offer vibrational support and direction. Each participant will have time for  a personal question.

Location: Ifikratoys 25-27 PAGRATI

WALK for GODDESS ATHENA Saturday MARCH 30, 2019

12noon meeting at the entrance to the theater Odeon

Directed by our source DELPHINIANS  we will walk around the ACROPOLIS ( we will not enter the site) with the intention to honor our GODDESS ATHENA and invite her wisdom  and power into our personal energy fields.


Phone Jayne Claire for further info. 6987944921

Personal readings in Athens

Jayne Claire and the Delphinians in Athens!
Jayne will be available for personal readings from 25th to 29th May. For more information and booking call +30-6987944921

Knossos Crete

Knossos Crete

28 October 2017

Knossos Crete

For the group, if you can move a little bit closer so that we do not have to shout. We do not want to make a spectacle of ourselves. When you are dealing with power, if you are respectful, you are quiet, not loud and not boisterous throwing your arms around. Just stepping lightly and what we want you to do today is to step very lightly. We want you walk in as many places as you can, as quickly as you can. We want you to walk around the site very softly. You are focused on softness. You know the feminine form is usually a bit softer than the masculine. The feminine voice is usually a little bit higher than the masculine and the feminine energy has a more refined vibration than the masculine. You might blame it on hormones but the woman is …

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