Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Lydia River

You all must know that ‘there are no accidents’, particularly when you are working with this type of a Source…
So We begin…
Close your eyes and ground yourself here… send some energy into the earth, remember that exercise that you did yesterday – if you were present – and use that channel

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Acropolis (Election Day)

Certainly, We are greeting each of you…
Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many people are participating, it’s the quality of the individual that matters… in order to be a trail blazer in life, very often you have to walk alone and you have others following behind…
Those of you who live in the city do

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Life is about gathering, life is about broadcasting those seeds that have been gathered and then it’s time to reap the harvest of the life…
And those years that you’re entering are about reaping the harvest of your activities, of what you’ve given so far to your life, what you’ve invested in…
And, ideally, one

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DELPHI (Closing)

You’re all carrying a bit more of this Force; you’re part of a tribe, don’t forget that and don’t, necessarily, assume that you know the other members – there are more than are present at this moment…

We want to thank you all, to show you Our appreciation for assisting Us in Our mission

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Athens (near Acropolis)

There’s a purpose for every journey…
You can’t count the hours spent in travel and compare one journey to another judging by how many hours were spent to arrive so it’s inappropriate to count how many hours We will be speaking when We bring this Channel to another location… We’re present whether We’re speaking or

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You have a very significant role in this Project of securing Greece, in creating an energetic structure on and in this Land itself, security…
Those of you who are the closest to this Source eventually become part of the actual structuring – and there’s a number, there are more approaching… and as you prepare the

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Trip to Springs (Sidirokastro, Serres – Loutraki, Aridaia)

Sidirokastro Spring (morning)

This is an Operation that has been in preparation within all of your Fields – many more than even you would imagine… there are more than three of you (J., N., D.) who are involved in this; it’s a matter of time… 
as the necessity for service appears, the appropriate

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Samothraki Island

At the Temple in Samothraki
You come here so that the New System can express itself…
You see, there’s an underground networking of Energy Fields between the islands… and there was an agreement between this particular Site and the area in Ios, Santorini, Delos – all connected…
There was a type

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Of course, you understand that We’re always listening in on your conversations…
We’re always somehow accompanying each of you wherever you go… We don’t forget you now…
As things become more fine-tuned, We need to be grounded more often, We need more anchors… We need to be even more attentive as each of you

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Athens, Philopappou

(dogs around)

Very nice to have these small creatures assist you to carry the Field; everyone can benefit
You might say that each of those represents a potential person to come and join the fun…

We guarantee that the tours will be fun, N.! We will see to that…

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As you move along understanding your own evolutionary process, you also have an opportunity to understand the prospective that We must take in viewing your existences, in recognizing the directions in which you’re approaching…
We’re unable to take you – any of you, out of your own creation!
You see, each person has the

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