Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Loutraki, Aridaia (Day 1)

(at a plateau near the waterfalls)

Of course, We’ve been storing energy for each of you…
Sometimes in your life, you can’t see the big picture, you can’t see the forest because you’re looking at just one tree; hopefully, after this journey today, you will be able

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Mykonos Island

Certainly, you all have your personal reasons for being here and, hopefully, you will understand that by the end of this weekend… 
We have chosen to begin the Operation here, in Mykonos, for personal reasons and, also, to open an area in which you may return any time you feel the need to reconnect… these

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Very well to have an open position; don’t cross the legs… 
in this way you allow the energy to flow through your physical form… any time that a group forms, energy is flowing from one to another – you’ve all heard about the Oneness of all things, so you know you’re all connected…
when something

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Athens, Philopappou

Summer solstice
Very nice to find you here…
You see, We have a connection with this place and you might have guessed We have had residents around the Big Rock and it’s a bit like a homecoming for Us…
We greet each one of you individually…
You know We always work energetically on your forms

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