Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Mud baths, Krinides

Of course We have a bigger audience here (a farmers’ gathering nearby)… you know even if they’re not participating within this circle, they are affected… It’s very important food, isn’t it… if you don’t grow your own food then you’re dependent on these individuals… and they are the ones who are dealing

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Amidst all this stress and strain of these changing times, one still has access to Joy… perhaps it’s a greater challenge, but it does exist, it is present….
None in this room has been present in war, but most of you have ancestors or relatives who have passed through that… If you know anyone,

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Each time that you, deliberately, ground yourselves here, you move the Energy deeper into the earth: this is why We’ve given the advice to ground yourselves at Delphi… and that advice stands for the rest of your lives…
We’ve given this advice to the four of you who were here for ‘the joining of

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