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Mt. Olympus ~ Mountain of the Gods

Mt. Olympus ~ Mountain of the Gods

9 May 2015

Mt. Olympus


Opening meditation

The first step is to put the water into your heads. Just listen to the water, get the sense of how it is moving, how it is running. Probably everyone has something inside their minds and first we want to empty that and you participate by opening your ears. Close your eyes.


Everyone likes to know that they are spiritual beings, today we want you to focus on being a human being because being a human being is what leads you to your spiritual presence whether or not you choose to go to church and pray or you go to the Buddhist temple and prostrate yourself or you do yoga. Whatever path you choose you are a human being walking that path.


Meditation exercise

So what we want you to do today as you are taking this short walk that …

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You see, Jayne brings the seriousness to this experience in order to prepare and protect each of you, individually… she is a big Mama and into coming to terms with that role, she becomes more open to express her concerns to each of you…
You know, it’s not something simple to be standing in front of this Force of Energy; most of you have understood the effect!
Now what’s happening is that We become more invasive; We’re going deeper inside each of you!
We want to have a Question-and-Answer today – this is Our intention…
We want you to begin and clockwise We want to cover your personal concerns…
Also, We would like you to consider what it is you would like to get rid of, what you want to give away today… something about yourself: it could be an emotional state, a physical condition, an addiction

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