Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Lydia, Baptistery

You know this is a very famous Site…
also, for the matriarchal society… this is where the children were born and this is where the elders came to die… it was honorable to die consciously… it was honorable to give birth consciously…many women gave birth in the running water… there was a great deal of

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Ancient Dodoni

First part

We help you all to take a moment to ground yourselves, your feet flat on the ground and use your exhalation to join your Mother…

every time that you get caught up in your thoughts, particularly if you’re worried or unsure, you lose your ground, the security and you know this is

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Athens, Philopappou

You know that your city is taking the stress of your nation and each of you can feel it, each of you have an opportunity to turn it into something more palatable, tastier…
We have a small group which is appropriate at the moment – each person has their own flow and their own understanding

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You must understand that transforming energies come like waves to your earth and the more receptive you are, the easier you can surf those waves…
This is the goal: to use that Force to move in the direction that you choose…
This is not a time on the Earth to have any complaints; better to

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Ios Island

Everything is moving as planned…
There’s a divine Design that’s being followed, intuitive and actualized by this Joining of Fields

First, We join the Earth…

Μany times you look at humanity…first, it’s the joining of the masculine and the feminine…
What is the next step? What happens next?

First comes Love… then comes

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Each person has their own responsibility to deal with the elements
You might think that your life is something personal, that you are dealing with your own intimate challenges or difficulties but as the Earth has become a part of every dynamic, as it is moving through her own transformational process, each of you

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