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Elefsina Archaeological Site ~ Day 2

Elefsina Archaeological Site ~ Day 2

30 August 2015



Everyone sit in an open position, not crossing arms or legs. Close your eyes and allow the wind to empty your heads. Not only is the Earth willing to assist you, the elements are also very effective.

Opening meditation

Just to listen to the wind, just to imagine the wind blowing through the chambers of your mind when you open those windows, those doors of consciousness. You can imagine the wind is blowing out any irritating thoughts, worries or fears. As you open to that expansion of consciousness you also have the power to empty your mind of any thoughts that are not supporting your target.


It is always a good idea to have a target. Why not enlightenment? Why not open up to the mystery of the life? This place is very sacred for that. You might say that they built all this …

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