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Philipi ~ Delphinians Suggestions on Transformation of Greece

Philipi ~ Delphinians Suggestions on Transformation of Greece

19 July 2015


Let’s have a talk. You must realize by now that life is full of challenges and as a Greek citizen it is time to come together as one. It is time to remember the law of brotherhood. Each time you have a selfish thought “What about me? What is going to happen to me? What will I do? Me, me, me…” Pause for a moment, stop your thoughts, sit down on the Earth and say, “We shall unite.” This is the mantra we want you to all remember; even if you have no idea the why, how or what. Repeat, “We shall unite”. Go around the circle and say it “We shall unite.” We want you to believe it. There is power in numbers. You are in a difficult position as a nation, you must unite! What else can save you? Say it again and mean it. When you are saying “We shall unite” you are also insisting on uniting all the aspects of the self: your emotional body, your mind, your spirit, your body. You must realize the power of being in the present moment. Everyone is worried about the future but the future is not here yet, is it? Why think about the future? We are going to give you some suggestions on how to get through these troubling times:

1st Say the mantra “We shall unite”.

2nd When you wake up in the morning take a notepad and pencil and write 10 things that you are grateful for in your life. Be creative: that you have water to drink, that you live near the sea, that you remember your name…you can really go far with your imagination and gratefulness.

3rd  Before you go to bed at night pray to God; whomever you decide that is deserving of that title. You can pray to the Great Spirits, you can pray to “All that there is” you can pray to Zeus, you might even pray to Alexander the Great.

You pray for forgiveness before you go to sleep at night.  You do not know why, you might have some issues come into to your mind, but you do not need to know why you need to be forgiven. Just pray for forgiveness.  Pray that the Christ energy, this energy is a certain consciousness, it is not a man. It is a condition of consciousness. You might call it “Christdom”. You pray for Christ to be with everyone you know, you let everyone come into your head. You go through a list of people in your mind “May Christ be with…..” Go through the list of people you have in your mind, especially those that give you trouble.  Now go around the circle and give your right hand to the person next to you and say “May Christ be with you” and mean it.

Everyone send your blessings to the children that are present.  They are the ones that will inherit the world when you leave it behind.

4th As you go through your day, whenever you have fearful thoughts or disturbances about the condition of your country, take a moment to close your eyes and exhale that energy back into the Great Mother Earth. Just have the intention to take those thoughts out of your head and drain them out of your feet into the Mother.

You know that the Earth is very, very generous with the Greeks.  The sea is part of the Earth. The sea is a very effective cleanser for your physical forms.

5th Before you enter the sea, first say “thank you very much” with your hands on your heart. Then you can ask the sea to “please remove this stress, this fear from me; take it off of me; help me, please. Thank you”.  There are so many tools that do not cost any money. If you stay around long enough you will see that all the monetary systems on the Earth start to crumble. We will not predict the date because that is not polite but you can at least be grateful that you are alive during such transformational times on the planet Earth. When there is so much transformation happening, the human has a greater chance to transform himself.  You may want to transform yourself into a more loving, more grateful, more forgiving creature. Some of you may believe that you want to transform yourselves into a spirit. You already are a spirit. You are a spirit having a relationship with a human nature.

Do you imagine that your spirit really cares if you do not have any money?  Money has become the new god in the Western world. You might make a small altar in your home with money. Why don’t you put the biggest paper denomination that you have in a frame and put it somewhere on a shelf? For a few days see it there, just notice it. Maybe you want to take it and spend it but leave it there. Let it represent something. Do not honor it, like it is on an altar, just occasionally look at. See how long you can survive before you spend it.

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