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Personal Reading (About Transformation)

Personal Reading (About Transformation)

An Interesting Personal Reading with relevant information about the collective transformation that we encounter at the moment

5 June 2020 ~ Lunar eclipse Day

During this transition for the human race it is very important to focus on the future. The past has got to be buried under all the old emotions. Anything that did not satisfy must be put behind you. If you are moving forward, you cannot really see behind you. When you are driving, you can use those mirrors but when you look in the mirror to look behind you, you are no longer looking forward so you just glance at the mirror. If you are driving a vehicle you are never looking completely into the rearview mirror unless you are backing up. If anyone has the tendency to dwell on the past, they are moving backwards energetically. There is a huge power pushing each of you forward because this is what has to happen. The past is over. Things are changing and the future is for your child, for those that are ready to embrace it.

Happiness is an illusionary goal for being a human. Happiness is a fleeting thing; it is not a condition really. Why don’t you make an outline? Put pen to paper and put each hour of the day and put the goal. What is the condition? You are having difficulty staying focused? I am not present in the now and I feel such sadness; maybe it is dwelling in the past.

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