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Mud baths, Laspoloutra

Mud baths, Laspoloutra

21 July 2019


We always come in with humor because the spirit is quite humorous; all your spirits have a good sense of humor. Whatever experiences you are having in your life whether dramatic or comical, if you can see the cosmic joke aspect of this situation, you lift yourself up. Most people believe that the spirit is higher than they are, in the sky or in the higher chakra system. That is why we say “it will lift you up”. When you are above things, you can see more clearly what is going on. That is not a bad place to reside. To rise above it all. Yesterday we worked on the hearts. You know that the times are changing, there is a new age approaching and this is an age of cooperation rather than the selfish approach to living/being. There will be more cooperation and community required. You know that humans have a contract with the Mother Earth and the Earth cooperates with the alterations, with the transformations happening within humanity. This is why you are seeing so many Earth changes. The Earth will cooperate to assist the humans to be more conscious of the need to overcome greed. So what shows up? All of the destructions that are the result of the modern man, therefore the humans become more conscious, more conscious of the necessity to cooperate with the Earth rather than greedily take, take, take. In the midst of all the destruction you will see in the near future, you can rise above and understand that it is necessary to awaken more of the humanity.

Mediation exercise

What we want you to do, whenever you think about it or everyday if possible. When the sun shines on you, close your eyes for a moment and imagine that light shining on many human beings. When you are in public and you see some humans in the sunshine, imagine that that sun is enlightening them, it is waking them up when it hits the top of their heads. In this way you assist the light to shine. You really are a family. Humanity is one big family. Maybe not one big happy family, but a family nevertheless. Be grateful that you all have families that are cooperative and loving. Many families are constantly bickering with each other. If you are ever in any type of confrontation with another human and you are not getting through to them or they are annoying you or you feel that something is stirring up you can imagine the sun beam hitting the top of their head. It is a very effective meditation. It is an exercise of light giving. Using your consciousness to literally push the light into their consciousness is effective.

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