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Mudbaths, Krinides

Mudbaths, Krinides

20 July 2019

Mud baths, Krinides

Let’s begin, let’s hold hands. You know numbers are important but the small numbers are just as important as the big ones. One large group is not necessarily better than a small group. We are greeting each of you and welcoming you. You all know that the changes that are occurring on your planet are accelerating now. This gives each of you the opportunity to change yourselves, there is no better time than now to transform. You see all the transformations around you and many appear to be detrimental so this means you might choose something about yourselves that you would like to destroy, that is no longer serving you whether it is an emotion, a behavior, a relationship, thoughts…There is a cycle in everything. Often you cannot create unless you first destroy. Generally, on the planet there is a movement toward destruction, the environment, the weather. This means it is easier individually to destroy something. Even if it something like disorganization. Maybe you have a part of your life or home that is disorganized, so you can destroy that. It is easy now. The point is not to destroy unconsciously – you might notice that you are becoming more conscious of your contribution to the destruction of the environment. Every time you buy a coffee in a plastic cup for instance, you are more conscious that this is something destructive that you are doing without making an effort. You can search for alternatives, more creative solutions. What do you want to talk about? Now that we have such a small family gathering, what do you want to discuss?

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