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Minoan cemetery, tombs of Armeni Necropolis, Crete

Minoan cemetery, tombs of Armeni Necropolis, Crete

10 September 2016


Minoan cemetery, tombs of Armeni Necropolis

Fortunately you have reincarnation. This is why it can become easier to accept the closure of the present life that you live. If you had to design a future life, what would you take with you? What would you leave behind? Would you take your technology? You always want to destroy it and leave it behind? You really have to think about it. The nature of the human is to evolve and to improve not to collapse. It is important as you age to expect to feel better; to expect to be more at peace with your life; to expect to be more satisfied with the life. There are systems that convince the human that aging is a decaying process. But it does not have to be that way.

Let’s say a little about this place here. This is a tomb of a rather wealthy person in the community; let’s say the mayor, someone who had a high political place in the community. It wasn’t an extremely large community, there were many small villages as well as a few metropolitan centers and this is the cemetery of a small community. This community was family oriented which is similar to the present experience on this island. Many of the villages are family run. So why did we come here? Following up the last reading where we encouraged those who participated to ask the spirit to come up, to bring the spirits of the ancients into your own existences.

Meditation exercise

So this time we go into the Earth. We are actually in the Earth now. So you might close your eyes and imagine the Earth as a globe and see yourself inside and bring yourself in a counterclockwise spiraling manner deeper and deeper into the center of the Earth. Go only to the center. Do not go through to the other side. When you reach the core you are going to spiral yourself back out clockwise. Bring yourself back to this place again. Open your eyes. Anytime you are feeling stress, worry, anxiety; anytime of anxiety unknown or disturbing, do this exercise. Go deep into the Earth in that manner and then come back out. This exercise can even assist the human form with the mineral balance in the body. This brings us a strong connection with the gravitational force of the Earth.

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