Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Limenas, Thasos

Limenas, Thasos

2 August 2017

Limenas, Thasos

Archaeological site

It is no accident that you are here; this family affair and you plan to stay for a few more days. You are responsible to hold the ground. You were in Philippi and you had your walk around there with your magic.

Meditation Exercise

We want you to walk around the site here and recall your experience at Philippi. In some way you are bringing the power back from Philippi here, back where it originated. If you go in the museum, find an article that you would wear on your body, whether it is a ring, earrings, a necklace and imagine that you are wearing it and it is yours. So you are taking it for yourself, you came back to take it. If you happen to see something similar to it when you are shopping around the island, buy it. You are taking the jewelry so that for the rest of your trip you imagine that you are wearing it, you could even draw it on yourself if you like. So imagining that keeps you connected with those spirits that actually wore the jewelry.

For those of you that are going back to Philippi, if you go in the museum here you chose something to take back; perhaps an urn, an object that will hold something. You take that back with you and you are going to empty it in the land there. You are going to imagine that there is liquid gold and you are going to pour it back into the area there, anywhere you want with your imagination.

This whole ceremony is about marrying the two sites again. When you walk around this site we want you to do some spins. So you create a few spirals, this helps to bring the energy up. You can do it in any direction you chose.

These are the exercises for today.

You three slept on the graveyard in order to connect with those spirits underneath. That is the deep sleep of the dead; very heavy, pulling you deeper and deeper into the land. You who live here, you might find more time to walk around the archaeological sites. Just with your imagination bringing back the ancients. You might find some inexpensive art that depicts the ancient life here and use it in your environment here or even pictures of some of the relics that they have discovered; anything that connects where you are living with the ancient life here.


Personal questions

I have become ill after the mud baths…

This is a burn up – burning karma. You had a life where you were part of a type of invasion into Philippi so this is clearing that out. You do not need to know the details, just know that it is working. You are burning away thoughts, beliefs, emotions that block your joy. The whole purpose of this ceremony was to ground the forgiveness and jump into joy. This is how your spirit decided to help you along. It is not a bad thing to get a virus. Anyone who gets sick during a ceremony is getting a double dose of healing. So do not resist it, embrace it. You will get well and you will be stronger and happier.


I felt wonderful at Philippi, at the mud as well as here. I was in complete joy about everything…Now I am waiting to menstruate and feel like I am diving into the darkness. The last six months I am having gynecological issues…Always the cycling is changing, is shifting the psyche. Always with the menses it is important to surrender. You can use an affirmation “I surrender to this flow”. Then you will get the information what you need to do. Throughout life the energy is flowing, there is always flow in the human form. The blood flows, the lymphatic, the thoughts and the emotions. Sometimes the mind grabs hold of an emotion and keeps it captive instead of setting it free. When you go through your menses as a woman, when you have the period, this is a period of cleansing. Always there is some resistance in the mind. You are not only cleansing the uterus but also the emotional body. The emotions should flow. If you feel sad, do not think why am I sad? Just be sad, go deeper. The mind tries to isolate emotion. If you are having a difficult time, lie on the Earth and surrender to the flow. Maybe you have to cry for half an hour…whatever it wants. You are flowing and the menses is taking you into the deep forest of yourself and you need to go through those periods. When you go through menopause there is a conclusion occurring with all those times that you resisted the flow. It pushes you even more.


Can you protect my granddaughter that is in a place full of bees? Is there some essential oil that they dislike? Of course we can protect her.

I am thankful for this gathering and this trip. Can we use the exercises from this weekend at other archaeological sites like Vergina? Sure. Why not? The most important thing is to approach the site with reverence as if you are going to church. You are going to a sacred place and you have a certain attitude, a way of moving with heightened awareness when you go to an archaeological site. You are expecting to meet the spirit there and you can pray at the site. You can just walk around aimlessly without any thought or structure in your mind expecting to meet the spirits of the site. You do not have to follow the rules of what we laid down at these places; you can make it up yourself. Wear a skirt.

Health issues and not being able to attend the ceremony…

There are a lot of things going on. From the beginning this whole project is about balancing the masculine and feminine powers. The whole relationship with this source is about that. The power, where do you stand in your power? Where do you stand in your relationship with the masculine that you associate with? Also, menopause starts knocking at your door. What you are experiencing is a symptom of menopause, it is not uncommon.

These expressions who wears the pants in the family? Now that we are coming into the matriarch the expression will be who wears the skirt in this family? You had an invitation from this source to come directly to your site in Thasos and you rejected it. There are repercussions when there is rejection. One night of having this source on your site is a blessing; you rejected a blessing so you received a bit of a curse. So it is all connected. At this point in your life as your children are starting to become more independent, you have an opportunity to get even closer to the source. You have done it, you have taken a position and this is positive. You can get even closer. You have abilities to assist others to digest this information. You have potential to be more a part of the inner circle. It is your choice though, you have to choose that, no one is going to pull or push you. Jayne is not going to press you any longer. Her job was to press about your daughter and now she is ready to face the pressure on her own. She learns a lot from her experiences about watching the dance of the masculine and feminine in her home.

Anything else?

Last night I dreamt of meteorites or bombs falling from the sky. The humans from the Earth were firing upwards. I was with company and I sent everyone to the basement for safety…This dream is influenced by where you were sleeping. The ancients had a great relationship with the sky and the stars. They did not light up the night sky, they observed the sky. You know what is coming in August, the eclipses, the shooting stars and this was a very important ceremonial time, almost a fearful time when the stars fell. They believed that the Gods lived in the sky and many things were going to be decided during that fire show up there. Many are going to be affected by what is happening. For you the dream about going down to a safe place is a message to stay grounded. When you first arrive in the other place, do a grounding. You put the scene in Thessaloniki because that is your home; that is where it started for you. There is a part of this so called project that is protecting Thessaloniki and we will be working on that on Sunday before you go away. To keep this protective energy there while you three are flying away. So the dream was a projection into the future, an influence of the past – where you were sleeping. They are all connected.

I have the feeling that the source wanted us out for August…Perhaps what you are feeling is that it is time to start a new flow. It is time to begin something to get something else rolling. Not so much to be out, but to start. You are packed, you are ready to go and it is time to move. Get moving, go!

Have fun spinning and thank you for wearing skirts. Good day.