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Laspoloutra ~ Healing Mud Baths in Krinides, Kavala


18 July 2015

Close your eyes for a moment. Settle yourselves, feet flat on the ground and your hands in an open receptive manner. We are greeting each and every one of you. The stress level in your country accelerates and this has the tendency of taking you off the Earth; destroying your centers. We want to work on your centers so that you feel better. Life is an experience of feeling and no matter what is happening if you are feeling okay then you really have nothing to worry about.

It is all about feelings. So we want you to just feel today, see what you are feeling.

Many times the thoughts are responsible for the feelings. Whatever the emotion consider what you have been thinking. If you can will yourself to become one with the source, one with God, you might find that you do not feel so bad – ever.

Bring your hands together in the prayer position and bring that to your heart and just be for a moment in that manner. Why is there religion? Why has man created religion? To somehow get closer to God, get closer to the source. To somehow connect, you see? You can relax now, open your eyes…let’s have a talk.

Did they have churches in Ancient Greece? Yes, they had temples to worship the gods, you might call that a church. The ceremonies were performed at certain times of the year. There was a specific time to pray, let’s call it. There are special moments during the cycling of the moon to connect. So now you are experiencing a new moon – a few days ago. What does that represent? New opportunities, new beginnings, new light, a new light shining on the status quo…What changes if you do not change? Or what is the benefit of your life changing? Of your circumstances changing? Of your condition changing if you do not change or if you do not move closer to the source? You might say that every good or bad situation in one’s life has the purpose of moving you closer to the source. What is the source? What is God rather than who is God? The creative principle, God the creator, correct? As you daily connect your will to the will of the one, to the will of God you come into a clearer position of creator of your own experiences. You give your minds the power to see your contribution to the creation of your good experiences, your bad experiences. The more that you connect with the One, you open areas inside your own thoughts, your own being to realize how you created it, how you made it happen. Or what you have done or thought or dreamed or wished or imagined….So that is our introduction to you all. We want to greet you and we want to go around the circle and we want you to tell us what you have been feeling, what you have been thinking, what is happening in your lives?

I have been feeling a sense of floating, a sense of something new that will be starting. I have been thinking that I am responsible for life and the choices in my past have little importance. This big wheel that has turned in this country has shifted you onto new horizons. You have come into a new position inside of yourself. You have sunk down a bit deeper into your center because you used to be a bit more scattered with your thoughts. In other words, chasing after your thoughts. Now you are settled a bit more in your wholeness, in your emotional body so that you can feel without interfering with the mind. Without policing your emotional body. We have said that many times the emotions follow the thoughts. Other times the thoughts police the emotions. These are two different conditions. If you feel something and then investigate what was I thinking? It is different than feeling something and then the mind comes in and judges that emotion. So you have stopped doing the latter so you can now begin to do the first.

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