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How to maintain harmony with siblings ?

How to maintain harmony with siblings ?

“Family’s are created so that each individual can work on harmony, peace, love, all of those things. You know that from the beginning the relationship between family members is based on love. This is why you come together, even if two siblings hate each other they really love each other, they just can’t see through the differences that exist. They can’t forgive.

  What happens with siblings..as a character you choose your parents because they mirror you . This means that every character shares similar characteristics with their parents. There is something that is very similar. As  a being you might accept some parts of yourself and you might reject others. This is what causes internal conflict within a character. That one characteristic denies another or in some way it is difficult to balance those  two parts of the self. Perhaps those two parts of the self are reflected one in the father and one in the mother. An example : being a perfectionist as the mother, and being lazy as the father. The individual internalizes this two things and struggles with themselves. Because they want everything perfect but they are too lazy to do it themselves. They might reject their father because their father  is the lazy one, because they cannot resolve that characteristic  inside themselves.

   Between siblings, you both have the same parents as a reflection of you. And when you look at your sibling there is also a reflection going on. It is a house of mirrors! Families are like a house of mirrors, everywhere you turn you see yourself in different forms sometimes. Because the  house of mirrors distorts your reflection. The mirror from wherever you are standing , there are some distortions in the reflection of yourself, but you know it is you. This is the same thing as when you are in a family, it is another version of you, perhaps with a different degrees of ingredients. Like you can have two apple pies made with the same ingredients but tasting very different. One has more cinnamon for instance and it changes the flavor. So when you look at your siblings also look for yourself. What do you share with them, what values , what characters  you share, what is the reflection. Doing this will distract you from having any type of emotional response that you might have to anything that they say, anything that they do.

     This is a master lesson on how one can detach emotionally from their family. Of course you don’t want to detach from love. Saying ‘ detach emotionally ‘ may give the wrong impression, that you are just intellectually analyzing everything. This is not what we mean. We mean that you can witness your emotion rather than loosing control of it. There is a big difference in that. It’s not to become an analyst or an intellectual about ones emotional body, not to control how you feel, but to control how you react. That is the master lesson, to control how you react to how you feel. In mastering that lesson you become the master of yourself. It brings a greater opportunity for compassion for others. You become compassionate towards your siblings, your family, because you can understand them. “

The Delphinians
(Excerpt from a private session)

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