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Grounding Forgiveness and Jump into Joy! Philippi, Kavala

Grounding Forgiveness and Jump into Joy! Philippi, Kavala

30 July 2017


Very well. Everyone rub your hands together and throw it and then put your hands on the Great Mother. You know yesterday you gave a gift to the Earth by releasing from yourself something that is a burden. Guilt and bitterness make the energy field of the human form heavy and the Earth feels that. When you lighten up your own field you are giving the Earth a gift. You are taking a burden off of your mother. The Earth is very transformative and very transforming. You can do this exercise of release anytime you want, anywhere you want and this is how you do it. You lie on the Earth on your stomach, make sure your palms are flat on the Earth and your forehead and your will center (solar plexus). You make an affirmation, for example I will release this anger, I will release this fear, I will release this guilt and with your own solar plexus you create a vortex in the Earth going counterclockwise and you allow that emotion that is bothering you to drain out of your center point here. You can use this anytime in your lives but on the Earth. Before you do this you say thanks to the Earth, thanks to the Great Mother and after you do the same. Make sure you thank the Earth, please. Do not be an ungrateful guest and we have said it a million times before you ingest anything from the Earth – eat, drink or smoke anything coming from the Earth – to say thanks. In this way you protect yourself from food borne illness for instance or the bad effects of barbequed meat. If you are religious about your relationship with this Great Mother, she will protect you.


For today this is the day to jump into joy! We want you to go wandering around the archaeological site and using your own imagination allow the spirits of the place to jump out and surprise you. You animated creatures are not the only ones who hold spirit. Rocks also have spirit and the relics on and from the archaeological sites also contain spirit. By walking around and expecting them to appear, you might get lucky and meet some. Otherwise just enjoy the grandeur, the beauty, the magic of this most blessed place in your country. Any questions about the exercise? It is very simple. You are just expecting a surprise. It is energy moving. What we do is awaken the spirits of the sites. After many years of working here they have agreed to cooperate with us and by coming to the circle you also agree to cooperate with us. This is not really a mindful activity; it is an exercise of imagination combined with magic and power. Each person may be affected in a different way. Someone might find a feather for instance, someone might burst into tears, someone might have a eureka moment for a project they are working on. It is about being open and willing to receive. It is very important that the energy remains awakened in a site because this is power. Ideally, you use that power to illuminate yourself, not in an egotistical way put the spotlight on me I am a star but oh, look at my shadow, now I can see what I have been doing in all my personal relationships and why I have the same results, for instance. It is a game, it is easy and you never know the results. This is why it is a nice thing to keep a journal and write down your experiences when you come into contact with this force. Close your eyes, everyone.

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