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Enlightenment, evolution and progress for the spirit

Enlightenment, evolution and progress for the spirit

29 March 2020

You know that this is actually a time of gathering energy. It is so important to realize what it is that you are gathering. You don’t want to gather something that will block you in the future. Whatever you are gathering during this period, you will need to evaluate in the near future. Imagine you are in a grocery store and you are filling your cart with whatever you need; you will need to push that cart into the next period. We don’t want to put a time element onto it because time is becoming irrelevant. This is the whole picture. It is one of the realizations of the illusions that accompany living as a human – to have a greater understanding that this is an illusion. Whatever it happens to be, it is a time to learn to discern with more accuracy what is illusion? and what is relevant? What really matters? What is an illusion? What is something that is not valuable for the evolution of your own personal energy field?

This is a time to reflect. You understand that the mass reality is dealing with a great fear for annihilation…am I going to die? Is this going to kill me? Everyone is going through a dark tunnel at the moment. The environment is threatening many people’s confidence in their ability to live, particularly if you have a condition, if you are taking drugs, if you are on a pharmaceutical regime. Those people are really questioning their lives. Now is the time to expand into areas that you have never imagined before.

It is all about enlightenment, evolution and progress for the spirit, for the spiritual aspect of humanity. It is very unfortunate that many people are ill and are finding themselves in an almost desperate situation but from their spiritual perspective, from the perspective of the spirit that is withdrawing, it is gathering somewhere else.

Of course the physical side of life will return. It is not lost, there is a transformation happening. Eventually, it will bring in a new way of being. Particularly for those of you who are conscious of the spiritual side of the self. You don’t give up your physical life in order to be spiritual. It is not necessary. You have one foot in the physical and one in the spirit. Move forward like that.

The Delphinians
(Excerpt from a private session)

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