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El Meco Archeological Site Cancun, Mexico

El Meco Archeological Site Cancun, Mexico

”An essential part from the reading that took place at the site”

What happens when you visit places that matter, it is very beneficial to have a clear intention when you are going to a foreign country. Not just to vacation but why do I want to go there?
What do I want to take?
What do I want to give?
What am I looking for?
What is my purpose to revisit this point on the Planet Earth?

All those questions will help you to stay protected from something that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to manifest in your physical body. This is general information for anyone. Anyone visiting a foreign land might have the intention to create clarity inside of themselves in relationship to that place, a general direction for anyone. This is in order to protect yourself. If you have a strong connection with that place you might be caught in a flow that you haven’t necessarily consciously chosen. We can use Jayne as an example in going to Brazil being just open hearted and open minded, look what happened to her. Not necessarily something bad but something that wasn’t a conscious choice.

So generally, “I am coming here for clarity, I am willing to surrender what needs to go out of me for my higher good and greater good of all.”
These are very general but very specific affirmations for protection.

Being on a spiritual quest is not enough. It is enough but not specific enough to protect you.
We leave you with our blessings and we stay around.

~ Delphinians ~

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