Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Personal contact with the source

Private sessions
You may arrange with Jayne Claire to have personal contact with the source Delphinians. This may be possible in person, via phone or Internet.

You may expect to have any and all personal questions addressed. All topics are valid , including but not limited to : relationships, health issues, business concerns , past life influences as well as issues related to your own spiritual evolution .
Sessions are approximately one hour and will be recorded with the file sent to your email.

Group sessions
It is possible to have the Delphinians and Jayne Claire available for spiritual guidance and connection for any group visiting Greece and her archeological sites or any other sacred site upon this land.

You will be instructed how to have the most rewarding experience during your visit as well as how to show reverence to the ‘Spirits’ of the sites so that they may interact and influence positively your group.


Contact Jayne to arrange your Reading

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Skype: jayneclaireflorig