Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Personal contact with the source

Private sessions

You may arrange with Jayne Claire to have personal contact with the source Delphinians. This may be possible in person, via phone or Internet.
You may expect to have any and all personal questions addressed. All topics are valid , including but not limited to : relationships, health issues, business concerns , past life influences as well as issues related to your own spiritual evolution .
Sessions are approximately one hour and will be recorded with the file sent to your email.

Group sessions

It is possible to have the Delphinians and Jayne Claire available for spiritual guidance and connection for any group visiting Greece and her archeological sites or any other sacred site upon this land.
You will be instructed how to have the most rewarding experience during your visit as well as how to show reverence to the ‘Spirits’ of the sites so that they may interact and influence positively your group.

Guide for your Personal Reading by Jayne Claire

By opening to this communication you have allowed an opening to occur within yourself that supports you to become more receptive to your own inner wisdom.
The energies know the history of our spirit- all of our incarnations ( Earth walks) . They are in contact with our entire entity ( our inner self) and the roots of our evolution. Therefore sometimes the information revealed is not easily recognizable by the conscious mind. The ego may even resist accepting  some of the information exposed.
Tips : listen to the recording many times in order to understand the deeper meanings. Consider transcribing the session. Allow time for the hidden truths to emerge. Be patient with yourself. Trust.
Many more questions may surface after the communication. Write these down and allow time to understand the question in depth. Review your session with the question in mind. Trust that you are able to receive the answers based on the information already received and your own intuitive processes. Pay attention to your dreams, messages from your environment, and the seemingly coincidences in your life. Become more aware.
It is not advised that you share the material in your session with others unless you have a clear indication that the person will be helped. A suggestion or advice which fits you may not fit another.  Understand  that the energy knows which are your immediate lessons at the time of your session and attempt to focus your attention on them. The nature of your character is taken into consideration. The same lesson for another may be  approached in a completely different way by the energies.
The DELPHINIANS are available to support the healing of humanity. Many times they will reveal to the individual his or her potential for service in the new millennium. Often these abilities or not yet realized and many times the individual has no awareness at all of his/her potential.
You have the support of the DELPHINIANS  energies to carry out any suggestion that they had given to you. Some suggestions may seem very simplistic but if followed may have a profound effect on your existence.
The DELPHINIANS are not definitive about karma , they are not interested in creating a new dogma. They are interested in the empowerment of the individual. They support self-realization. They approach you with great respect, courtesy and honor. If there is a subject that you are unwilling to discuss with them, they will not reveal it. They honor your privacy. Understand  that the more open and honest and revealing you are the more revealing your reading will be.
Humanity is experiencing a time of great stress upon our planet earth. For those who are receptive assistance is available from other realms . If you feel that this assistance supports your own personal path know that the energies are available for you.

Questions / Instructions

On preparing questions for the Delphinians

Remember that you are consulting an oracle rather than having your fortune told; an oracle does not give you instruction as to what to do next nor does it predict future events. An oracle directs your attention towards the hidden fears and motivations that could shape your future by their unfelt presence. Once seen and recognized, those elements become absorbed into the realm of choice. Oracles do not absolve you of the responsibility for selecting your future but rather reveal the inner choices that may be the key elements in determining the future.

Make a list of questions that perplex you in this present lifetime, especially ‘why ‘ questions’; the more you are willing to reveal to these Energies, the more open they will be in their response. ‘The Delphinians’ always respect the individual and will never probe into areas that the individual wishes to conceal. Inner healing is dependent on how much we as individuals are willing to dig into our ‘wounds’.

Sample questions

·        What obstacles are the cause of difficulties in my health, in relationships etc.  What are the lessons

·        How can I handle my anger, guilt, disappointment etc

·        Why is it difficult to cope with this certain event or situation

·        How can I listen to and follow my inner voice

·        How can I be in better contact with my ‘guides’

·        How can I discover the aim of my life and feel complete

·        How can I bring more light into my life

·        Why do I get stuck in the same situations in my life i.e. work, relations etc

·        Discuss and explain my dream

·        Why do I have these fears and how can I confront them

·        How can I make the goal of my life a reality

·        Why am I afraid to express my thoughts, my emotions etc

·        Which past lives are influencing my present reality

·        Why have I chosen to reincarnate in this family

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