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Delphinians on Relationships

Delphinians on Relationships

Different extracts from Personal Readings

It doesn’t matter how the other feels, if you keep your heart open loving another and losing expectation in every moment; then your open heart has an effect to open the heart of the other.  If you have an expectation of another, to love you back equally, to treat you a certain way, to have the same desire as you have…then you are closing your heart.  If you can realize and label your own expectations, this can help you to keep your own heart open.


Letting go

Letting go is the greatest lesson…very often these are the most challenging relationships for anyone who is experiencing them.  Many times within a married couple this is not an issue because they are aware that any some point one of them will die and this is something that is accepted and almost expected.  If two people have agreed in a sense to work on this issue of letting go there is usually a strong love bond and within the relationship there seems to be a great many tears. Not a gentle separation but a ripping apart one from the other.  This is why there always seems to be a suffering with learning how to let go and trusting the universe.  When the individuals involved can keep their hearts open and keep moving without expectation than the rewards are so much better. The biggest reward is less sense of attachment to anything.  It is almost as if you can let go of this expectation around this particular character, you can let go of anything in life.  Life in general becomes easier.  Although there may be a great deal of pain or suffering around this one relationship, all other relationships become easier.  

You can send this green mist from your heart to a vision of the other in your mind to help let go.  See the other obscured by this mist.  After their vision in your mind is obscure, you can flush yourself with white light.  Fall in love everyday with something in nature.  Understanding by letting go of expectations of others you assist the earth.  The earth energy assists you to transform.

Many individuals are experiencing this, working on letting go. You are not the only one.  What you are trying to put away is your expectation, it is not necessarily to get rid of the other but to change your ideas and expectations of the other and this is why he is still in your reality.  You are still in the same school, you may say.

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