Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material



20 June 2015


It might not have been a warm welcome but it was a cool welcome. We want you all to have a drink of water from the spring that is running over there after we finish here. What we were doing was clearing your energy fields so that you could receive this ceremony this morning. Each person is unique, each person carries their own history and this is what we will be working on today. When you find a nice quiet place we can gather and go into more details. Greetings to all.

A very good location because what is the goal of today? To go out of your mind, to complete the history of this life so you can go forward to a greater state of enlightenment. Each time a car passes by, send your consciousness to follow the car. Can you do that? Can you feel how that is done? Whichever direction the cars go, we pause and you send your consciousness there. One direction is the past, one direction is the future; if you must know. We will not tell you which one. What we are doing is opening channels inside of you, you are the one that heals yourself, you are the one that knows the way. You are the one. Each person say it with force “I am.” Sound is a great healer and most of you know that there are a great many sound healings occurring these days during this new wave movement. It is not so difficult to use sound. Anytime you find yourself in distress about something in your mind, stop thinking for a moment and focus on whatever sounds are around you. Perhaps there are birds singing, the wind or rain, cars. Any sound from nature, even human nature is a tool. Laughter, of course, is a great tool for clearing the mind. If you find yourself troubled with too many thoughts force yourself to start laughing, force it a bit. This can break up the spirals of thoughts that are in the mind.

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