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Crete – Temple of Asclepius

Crete – Temple of Asclepius

11 September 2016

Crete – Temple of Asclepius

Just as you have hospitals, places of healing in the modern age, the ancients had temples for healing. Of course, you know that wherever there are: humans, communities, relationships, there is imbalance. At some point it manifests in the physical or psychological form. So, you take your sac and go over to the temple for a healing. Now here as you might have understood, they chose this place because of the water. The water was very clear and fresh and they knew the value of the water. By the taste they could determine if there was an opportunity for balancing oneself. It carries on today, although the water is not coming here but you can pick it up over there. Today when you walk back past you can take the water and throw it at yourself or Jayne can throw it at your head. So, you are actually taking a healing bath of the essence, the vibration that exists here.

Water is something that does not easily lose a vibration and it easily picks up a vibration. Unfortunately, putting it through tubes does not add anything of value to the vibration of the water but it does not necessarily take anything away or disturb the vibration of the water. If you are not doing it already, you might like to take a glass container and put your water in it with an intention to purify it. You put your mind to think that this water is being purified as you are decanting it into a glass vessel. And then in that vessel you may decide which vibration you would like to put into that. If you decide you need more forgiveness, first shake off your hands and you place your hands on that vessel and send the vibration of forgiveness into that vessel. Every time you drink that water think I forgive, I forgive…Now, if you have a physical imbalance, for example a thyroid disfunction, when you place your hands over the water think I am balancing my thyroid gland into this water. So, every time you are drinking it you are thinking of that affirmation.

Your body is made of water and if you insist to put your own vibration of your thoughts, your energy, your power into the water, it will respond. It is fluid and fills every vessel you pour it into; it does not resist. It is dependent on how strong your intention is, how strong you make your mind focus on that, how many times you remember to drink that water and put your intention always into that water you are drinking. It is that simple. If you persist, you can rebalance any imbalance that exists, physical or psychological. We do not want to say big words but you can use your imaginations on how easily the healing can be manifested. Those of you that were not present yesterday, keep focusing on the same thing. People are greedy asking to heal more than one thing at time. First you heal one thing, if you heal diabetes, you may never get a heart attack. One imbalance contributes to another until the whole system collapses. What we did yesterday is this meditation.

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