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Chania, Crete Healing Circle

Chania, Crete Healing Circle

18 January 2017

Chania, Crete

Everyone close your eyes for a moment. Maybe if you like, you can lie down for a moment where you are sitting. Everyone close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy yourselves. You are here right now and there is no other place to be. Sometimes the human being wants to believe that the Earth is a hostile place. Sometimes the human wants to believe that their body is a hostile environment. Anytime you curse your body or you curse your life, you do more harm than you can imagine. From this day onward, you each will become more conscious of your thoughts. This is what the focus is for this evening: the path of greater awareness. Know what you are thinking. If you think some fearful thoughts for the future, even if it is a simple thought like: “Oh, it’s raining, if I get wet I’ll get sick”, you are writing that in the future. Each of you is writing your own futures. Even your future lives, you plan them out when you are alive, believe it or not. Now open your eyes. We want to go around the group and we want to ask you what your biggest wish is for your life. First, say your name and then quickly say your biggest wish…it doesn’t have to be practical, it can be impossible…

I want to be happy.

Abundance and love    What is abundance? Anything I need…

Peace, joy and love.

Health for myself and my family

Calmness, happiness and a good support from a new partner


I want to find my secret talent, for this I want to leave Greece.

Peace within myself and in my interaction with others

Health and enlightenment for myself and my family

Awareness and joy

Health and less stress

Healing for my body and inner-self

I want to share the love I have been given and help others.

Peace, calmness

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