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Chania, Crete Healing Circle

Chania, Crete Healing Circle

April 26, 2017


To begin today we want to greet each of you energetically. We ask you to be in a relaxed state so that you can receive. You know that life is really a matter of energy moving as a human, whether that energy is your emotions or your mind or your physical form it is about movement. Many of you are here, many of you have moved here from other lands. Many of you are visiting but you are all in movement, you are all moving. Close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath and witness how the air is moving through your physical body. Understand that when it reaches your lungs, the oxygen moves into your blood and is carried throughout your whole body. You are always in contact with the environment in which you find yourself through your breath. And anytime that you feel confused, anytime you feel fear, anger, frustration go to your breath. Witness your breath; watch your breath as the air moves in and out of the physical body. There is a process of transformation occurring and if you find yourself in any situation or condition that you feel uncomfortable in you can use your breath to transform yourself back to peace. If there is any real worthwhile goal in living life, it is to find the inner peace, to be there in your own center. So use your breath to take you there. We would like you all to stand up in a circle next to each other and we walk behind you. You don’t have to touch each other, we will be walking behind you and bringing the unity to this group as well as balancing any blockages that may exist in your forms. All you have to do is close your eyes, relax and keep your arms going straight down as if they are arrows pointing down to the earth. Give us a moment.


We would like to move around the circle and ask you a personal question. What is a dream that you had in your life that you did not manifest? That you did not manage to create yet? Any great hope for something that you have not realized yet? We will discuss it with you.

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