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Athens Healing Circle

Athens Healing Circle

24 September 2017


You all know the power of salt, don’t you? You can use it very effectively on your physical bodies. We have said this many times and we will say it again. To clear the effects of the radiation coming from computers, tablets, etc. You can use coarse salt and rub this part of your physical body (back of the neck)…this is an area that spirit enters your form. What is the effect of the Wi-Fi? Why does it eventually create imbalance in the physical bodies? You might say that it fights for dominance in this part of the body (back of the neck) so take care of that area with coarse salt.

You know that the sea is a great big body of healing for the physical form. That’s because of the salt water and you know that the insult to the sea here is very significant and this is not something positive. This is something that occurs because of greed, simply. So where would you imagine that greed exists in the physical body energetically? Where would you place greed? We will say that the power of greed vibrates between the 2nd and 3rd chakras. So find that on your own body and press in there and that might be right in your navel? Greed might hit you right in your navel and everyone has the potential for greed. It is one of those seven deadly sins as the expression goes. What we want you to do as you are moving, walking around your city: when you are waiting in line at the bank, at the supermarket, at the tram…We want you to take a gold arrow from your heart down to your navel and send it to the navels of the strangers around you. We want you to become magicians, we trust you all and we want you to in a way attack the greed of the others. If they are sensitive to energy, they might feel something. You are not going to hurt them; you are only going to affect their greed. This exercise is bringing a light of awareness to the greed of the other. In so doing, it will also bring a light of awareness to your own greed, if you know what it is. When do you feel greed? We want you to say it now. You might feel greedy for an extra hour of sleep in the morning. You might feel greedy for coffee or tobacco, for anything you have an addiction to. There is no shame in having greed because everyone has it. Do you know if you are greedy for something? It could be attention, clothes, jewelry, shoes, anything…spirituality! Do you know where it is?

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