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New Year Reading with Delphinians

10 January 2020

New Year Reading with the Delphinians

We are here with you, with each of you. We ask you to find yourself in a receptive manner, to open yourself. Don’t be closed, closed legs, etc. For this is an energy transmission. You know that you don’t have to be in the same room with us for us to access your energy field. Although your minds are very active, our intentions are to shift you energetically. Now there is a lot of talk about DNA, viruses, vaccines, fear, future, past….The moment is now.  Now the atmosphere on the Planet Earth is more receptive or open for the activation of your accelerated energy fields. You are living in a dualistic environment, dualistic atmosphere. So, when something is going down, something else is going up. There is always going to be a balancing act in this dimension. Your individual responsibility is …

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Transformation of Earth & Humanity (from Personal Reading)

Transformation of Earth & Humanity  (from Personal Reading)

The Earth, let’s say, is no longer a willing participant in the energy fields of the human. Remember some many years ago we have said that the Earth has awakened and now the Earth is more conscious of being a part of your energy. You are not only your emotions, your mind, your body…but the Earth is one of those elements. Now, let’s say the Great Mother is pushed to her limit and not necessarily endeavoring to assist humanity in their project of being on the planet.

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About Love ~ God ~ Evolution ~ Virus (from Personal Reading)

About Love ~ God ~ Evolution ~ Virus (from Personal Reading)

30 August 2020

About Love ~ God ~ Evolution ~ Virus (from Personal Reading)

Truly it is a time to tune into a higher force or to tune into the depth of the love you feel for anyone or anything. Finally, love is the only answer. Always out of curiosity the child will get into some mischief and getting into mischief always brings the shadow side out. Should I lie or should I tell the truth about what I did…? It pushes out the self-exploration, the self-examination and that is what is important at the moment for everyone. Self-examination. Everything is on the surface at the moment; therefore it is easier. Even though life may appear to be more difficult, it is easier to know thyself. That is the yin yang of the circumstances at the moment. The duality of the experience. The more challenging on the outside, the more …

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Delphinians Talk about the Crisis in Humanity and our Relationship with Mother Earth

26 March 2020

We want the Delphinians to go a little deeper into this situation that we are dealing with as humanity.

As a family of humanity, you are dealing with a crisis.
You are dealing with a plague and ideally you are joining together in some way shape of form in order to improve your own personal consciousness.

What you are thinking, what you are feeling, how you are dealing.
There is a great tendency to isolate yourself, to fear others, to criticize others, to criticize your leaders…As you are in this dualistic world.

You can say black and white if you like.
All these aforementioned behaviors are in the black, are in the shadow and expand the shadow.
If you criticize another, if you criticize China, for instance, on how they dealt with the outbreak, you are feeding the shadows.

The Earth is one, it is one planet.…

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