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AUTUMN EQUINOX Healing Circle with the DELPHINIANS and Jayne Claire

~ Online ~
AUTUMN EQUINOX Healing Circle with the DELPHINIANS and Jayne Claire

September 21, 2022, 8-10 pm EEST
via ZOOM

Celebrate the change of light within the energies of our source. All inquiries will be addressed. Space is limited so sign up soon!
Fee:$55.00 (per person) via paypal

The last day for registration, on Tuesday the 20th of September 2022!
Contact: michalis@spiritualhealing.com 0030-6979443943

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SUMMER SOLSTICE Healing Circle with the DELPHINIANS ~ Online ~

SUMMER SOLSTICE healing circle with the DELPHINIANS ~ Online ~

June 21 , 2022 8-10pm EEST
via ZOOM

Celebrate this day of light within the energies of our source, here to guide and direct us through these changing times.
Space is limited to 10 persons so that all questions and concerns may be addressed.
Save your space!
Fee:$50.00 (per person) via paypal


The last day for registration, on Monday the 20th of June 2022!
Contact: michalis@spiritualhealing.com


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Due to unusual weather conditions we are rescheduling our HEALING MUD BATHS.
Our new dates are JULY 20-21.
We begin at 10 am on Saturday.
For further info please phone Jayne: 306987944921


Join the  DELPHINIANS ,  Jayne Claire and company for our annual  HEALING at the MUDBATHS  in Northern GREECE 

JULY 20-21 2019

 Combine the healing powers of our Mother Earth with the wisdom, humor and wit of our source Delphinians . We will visit archeological sites, impressive caves, beaches, rivers and a Greek island. Always under the direction and protection of our source this is an excursion for your soul!


Contact for more information!!


A session from previous experience

Transcribed Reading: Healing Mud Baths Ceremony with Delphinians ~ 18 July 2015



Ring in the New Year with the Delphinians

Explore how to keep that sense of joy flowing through the whole of the new year with our first Healing Circle of 2019.

Εξερευνήστε πώς να διατηρήσετε την αίσθηση της χαράς να διατρέχει όλο το νέο έτος με τον πρώτο Θεραπευτικό μας Κύκλο του 2019.

Δηλώσεις Συμμετοχής/Registration:
στο 698 7944921‬ & 6977342076

Personal readings in Athens

Jayne Claire and the Delphinians in Athens!
Jayne will be available for personal readings from 25th to 29th May. For more information and booking call +30-6987944921

Personal Reading (about transformation, evolution)

Personal Reading

July 6, 2016

You know that if you are looking at a heart monitor, you see the beating and pulsing of the heart. If you get a flat line then that means it’s over, the patient is dead. You may as well accept that you have been incarnated in transformative times and there will always be opportunities to transform. A transformation is always going to feel like that electrocardiogram – up and down. Once you can become a witness to the patterns in your own life, in your own energy and once you know yourself and your patterns, you know what you can tolerate and what you cannot tolerate.


The optimal chart of the heart is a rhythm and it is normal to go up and down. It is not normal to have very high peaks or low peaks or to go faster. Each human is …

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