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Mt. Olympus ~ Mountain of the Gods

Mt. Olympus ~ Mountain of the Gods

9 May 2015

Mt. Olympus


Opening meditation

The first step is to put the water into your heads. Just listen to the water, get the sense of how it is moving, how it is running. Probably everyone has something inside their minds and first we want to empty that and you participate by opening your ears. Close your eyes.


Everyone likes to know that they are spiritual beings, today we want you to focus on being a human being because being a human being is what leads you to your spiritual presence whether or not you choose to go to church and pray or you go to the Buddhist temple and prostrate yourself or you do yoga. Whatever path you choose you are a human being walking that path.


Meditation exercise

So what we want you to do today as you are taking this short walk that …

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Ancient Pella

A humble place indeed…
and no-matter what you’ve heard about Alexander, he was a humble man…
most humble people want the best for everyone, don’t they?
And that was his path, you might say…
he believed that he knew the right way… he believed that he could share it with the world – he almost succeeded
Before We give the instructions for today, We’d like to have an opportunity for any questions you have – and you can go around the circle…
We’d like to say something…
before you come to this Ceremonies, We suggest that you sit down one day and write down 5-10 questions – probably you’ll get the answers between when you write them and when you arrive, but by the time you get here, you’ll have a valid question to Us, a question not from the mind… you see, the exercise of

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We’re welcoming each of you as old friends! Certainly, you have served Us well; We’re talking about the old-timers

Now, there are a number of new acquaintances to be made, and We greet those of you who are new to this gathering Force, for,
 this is a gathering of Force! We have, always, referred to Us as a Gathering of Force of Energy, and We’re preparing to become more invasive into the energy fields of those who come forward… 
Many of you have, already, felt this, many of you, already, know this!
We want to thank you for standing by: those of you who are getting on the plane, know who you are; those of you who are holding on the ground can imagine your responsibility…
You know the pilot is, always, depending on the ground force to give direction, to clear the runway etc… now each of you

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