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Raising Children with the Delphinians

Raising Children with the Delphinians

Selections from personal readings on raising children with the Delphinians

When a woman becomes pregnant her receptivity to the energy of the man gets cut off because she is nursing the seed.  After you dig the earth and plant a seed, you don’t dig it up again and plant another seed on top, you leave it. Anytime a child is created, regardless of the physical distance there is an energetic connection between the parent and child.

When the fetus is in the body of the mother, the blood is flowing through both organisms, they are so connected.  And this energy can continue to flow between the mother and the child and often does flow between mother and child, mothers tune in all the time to the condition of their child.

…you understand that the plant when it is growing, the roots are also growing and the roots are getting more …

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