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Family Dynamics (From Personal Reading)

Family Dynamics (From Personal Reading)

26.10.23 ~ (From Personal Reading)

What do you hope for? Peace and love. Then you become that. That is as simple as it gets. You become what you hope for and then wait to see how that works out. Something else?

Humans are meant to be multidimensional and multi-faceted and have multiple intimate relationships in life, it is necessary for self-development. It is about respect. With intimacy often comes a great deal of disrespect for others. This is just a human emotional thing. People come together intimately and expect the other family members or whoever should disappear but that is not going to happen. It exists. There is not just one-for-one and forget everybody else. The best direction to take in a relationship is to just pipe down, to be neutral. Freedom. There is a need for freedom. That is the only way to understand the multidimensional self. When there …

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