Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material

Mud baths, Krinides

Of course We have a bigger audience here (a farmers’ gathering nearby)… you know even if they’re not participating within this circle, they are affected… It’s very important food, isn’t it… if you don’t grow your own food then you’re dependent on these individuals… and they are the ones who are dealing directly with the mother earth… so your first blessing today is that they are a part of this operation…
You know We like to work outdoors because We have a very big aura…
Today you are going to go into the Earth over there… you’re going to ground yourself… of course this is a very grounding experience… but if you use your imagination and ground yourself even more your energy field will connect to the core… this is what We want you to do today… to imagine that you’re connecting with the core of

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Amidst all this stress and strain of these changing times, one still has access to Joy… perhaps it’s a greater challenge, but it does exist, it is present….
None in this room has been present in war, but most of you have ancestors or relatives who have passed through that… If you know anyone, if you can find anyone, you might ask them ‘what’s important in life’, you may seek out to find the elders in this society and ask them and see what they say….
The only way to deal with the so-called crisis is to simplify: your lives, your surroundings, your thoughts, your desires and especially your expectations..
Always consider what you need as opposed to what you might want or you might lose or what you might not be able to find… it’s exciting times, but very stressful nevertheless…
What’s your biggest stress

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Each time that you, deliberately, ground yourselves here, you move the Energy deeper into the earth: this is why We’ve given the advice to ground yourselves at Delphi… and that advice stands for the rest of your lives…
We’ve given this advice to the four of you who were here for ‘the joining of the earth and the heavens’
We represent the heavenly bodies, as they’re called – whether you want to see angels or whatever anyone likes to imagine; it is valid according to their own dreams…
You might say that this life is a dream; so are your thoughts and your imaginings: they expand the dream
Whatever you want to believe about the so-called heavenly bodies – whether you even call them stars or representatives from the stars or the star system, all of it is acceptable from Our perspective…
Now each

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