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Limenas, Thasos

Limenas, Thasos

2 August 2017

Limenas, Thasos

Archaeological site

It is no accident that you are here; this family affair and you plan to stay for a few more days. You are responsible to hold the ground. You were in Philippi and you had your walk around there with your magic.

Meditation Exercise

We want you to walk around the site here and recall your experience at Philippi. In some way you are bringing the power back from Philippi here, back where it originated. If you go in the museum, find an article that you would wear on your body, whether it is a ring, earrings, a necklace and imagine that you are wearing it and it is yours. So you are taking it for yourself, you came back to take it. If you happen to see something similar to it when you are shopping around the island, buy it. You are …

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