Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


8.9 R earthquake in Japan
We’re continually grounding the earth in this country stabilizing those lay lines of energy; this is Our method of creating stability…
D., sometimes We use a level of fierceness in order to break down the door… There’s a difference in unlocking the door or opening it… there’s a difference… if you lock yourself out, then you might have to do something with the door… sometimes you have to break down the door and this is when We become fierce – for your personal information and most who have been close to this Field and have felt that fierce Energy at one time or another…
For you, We’re working to break through the self-righteousness/being right or wrong… this is what needs to be opened so that you have a choice whether you’re right or wrong, you have a choice to believe that you’re

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It is the time for increasing Joy and joyful experiences…
Those of you who are able to accompany Us here today will receive a gift: We have opened this Rock and there’s a vacancy within that has the power to absorb anything that you no longer need, that no longer serves you…
Of course, you’ve used the springs to make a giveaway, but as We have said before, here you can give away and receive
This is a place of balance in the city – one reason why We have been interested in protecting this area: this Site can secure the city in a way that nothing else can
Of course, We’re interested now in securing the new Museum because those items within are valuable for humanity
It is always positive to have a number of heirlooms in your family, some things that you don’t want

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