Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


Of course, you understand that We’re always listening in on your conversations…
We’re always somehow accompanying each of you wherever you go… We don’t forget you now…
As things become more fine-tuned, We need to be grounded more often, We need more anchors… We need to be even more attentive as each of you let go of controlling the future, let go of worrying about it releasing their judging minds that ‘you aren’t good enough’…
Who else is better to do what you’re doing?
Whenever you question yourself, ask yourselves ‘who can get this close without getting burnt’ or ‘Who can do it better than you?’
Many persons have tried and fallen out of line… 
This is all for the strong and the courageous and a little bit about the desperate; all of you have felt desperation in your life at some point whether that

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Certainly, We’re the ones causing, who are responsible for all the giggling around here because We do want to have fun with you human beings…
You take yourselves way too seriously!
Now, We want you to close your eyes and think about the most serious thing about your life this moment… take a moment to think about that!
Who has the most serious problem in the room? Seriously now!
We want you to raise your hands!
Jayne is raising her hand! Come on! Be honest with yourselves! Everyone thinks that their pattern, their project, their challenge is the most serious in the room! And it’s important that you feel that way: because you’ll never resolve a challenge if you don’t take it seriously, if you don’t believe it deserves your full attention! If you don’t give your challenge your full attention, then, you’re not serious about resolving it!

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