Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


Greeting each of you, We’re welcoming you back as you welcome Us!

This is where We made the breakthrough with the Channel, this is where We opened the first vortex here, some of you may remember that… and this is where We closed one circle, and this is where We open another here tonight… you can expect that magic feeling will follow after this magic experience…
Some of you have been having some difficulties, most of you have been experiencing shifts in your energy fields, many times, noticed physically – it’s normal!
With the changes that are happening in the energy fields on the earth and that have been happening, now there’s an easier opportunity to have physical adjustments made…
We’ll be expanding Our repertoire of energy adjustments going into the next phase

Who wants to speak? Who has questions about what’s happening?

 (Ag.) I’d like to know

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