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Personal Reading (About Transformation)

Personal Reading (About Transformation)

An Interesting Personal Reading with relevant information about the collective transformation that we encounter at the moment

5 June 2020 ~ Lunar eclipse Day

During this transition for the human race it is very important to focus on the future. The past has got to be buried under all the old emotions. Anything that did not satisfy must be put behind you. If you are moving forward, you cannot really see behind you. When you are driving, you can use those mirrors but when you look in the mirror to look behind you, you are no longer looking forward so you just glance at the mirror. If you are driving a vehicle you are never looking completely into the rearview mirror unless you are backing up. If anyone has the tendency to dwell on the past, they are moving backwards energetically. There is a huge power pushing each of you …

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Healing Circle & WALK for GODDESS ATHENA in ATHENS

Healing Circle in ATHENS Friday MARCH 29, 2019


We will have a group session with the DELPHINIANS as they offer vibrational support and direction. Each participant will have time for  a personal question.

Location: Ifikratoys 25-27 PAGRATI

WALK for GODDESS ATHENA Saturday MARCH 30, 2019

12noon meeting at the entrance to the theater Odeon

Directed by our source DELPHINIANS  we will walk around the ACROPOLIS ( we will not enter the site) with the intention to honor our GODDESS ATHENA and invite her wisdom  and power into our personal energy fields.


Phone Jayne Claire for further info. 6987944921

Spring Clean Up at Delphi

Spring Clean Up at DELPHI

The ancient site of DELPHI offers the visitor an opportunity to have direct contact and deeper connection with their own personal entity field, or SOUL. This contact has the potential to create a more inspired degree of living and being.

Between 2006-2018 we have worked with the Delphinians and the energies buried at the archeological site of Delphi to create and secure a clear and clean connection between you and your entity whenever you visit the site. Each year we are instructed to make ceremony to ensure that this pathway is free from debris. This debris is created by visitors who unconsciously litter the site with unawareness.

On the weekend of APRIL 20-21, 2019 we will be making a ceremony at DELPHI geared towards cleaning the site and clearing our own shadows. Please join us!!

On SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2019 we will be visiting the …

Personal readings in Athens

Jayne Claire and the Delphinians in Athens!
Jayne will be available for personal readings from 25th to 29th May. For more information and booking call +30-6987944921

Corycian Cave, Parnasos Mountain

Corycian Cave, Parnasos Mountain

21 June 2015

Corycian Cave, Parnasos Mountain

You have stepped into the wonders of nature here: the sights, the sounds, the smells as you walk into your new life. Those of you that have participated yesterday were given the gift of light from Apollo so that you carry it into your next incarnation. This is play but it is actually real. This means that after you pass, you reincarnate that life that you created yesterday and you take it with you. These ceremonies do not end when we separate with you. Ideally you carry with you the force, the power, the energy that we offer. Today as you walk, pay most attention to your senses. When human babies are newborn, they are very sensitive. At the same time, the senses are not fully developed; the external senses are not fully developed because the internal senses are more activated. There is …

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20 June 2015


It might not have been a warm welcome but it was a cool welcome. We want you all to have a drink of water from the spring that is running over there after we finish here. What we were doing was clearing your energy fields so that you could receive this ceremony this morning. Each person is unique, each person carries their own history and this is what we will be working on today. When you find a nice quiet place we can gather and go into more details. Greetings to all.

A very good location because what is the goal of today? To go out of your mind, to complete the history of this life so you can go forward to a greater state of enlightenment. Each time a car passes by, send your consciousness to follow the car. Can you do that? Can you …

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