Spiritual Healing ~ Delphinians Material


We’re welcoming each of you as old friends! Certainly, you have served Us well; We’re talking about the old-timers

Now, there are a number of new acquaintances to be made, and We greet those of you who are new to this gathering Force, for,
 this is a gathering of Force! We have, always, referred to Us as a Gathering of Force of Energy, and We’re preparing to become more invasive into the energy fields of those who come forward… 
Many of you have, already, felt this, many of you, already, know this!
We want to thank you for standing by: those of you who are getting on the plane, know who you are; those of you who are holding on the ground can imagine your responsibility…
You know the pilot is, always, depending on the ground force to give direction, to clear the runway etc… now each of you

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