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Parents: Wish for your children

Parents: Wish for your children

Wish for your children

“Always in life there are happy moments and sad moments. Life is an educational process. Each persons life is full of everything, good  and bad, happy and sad, healthy and sick..there is not one life that is perfect. There’s not one life that completely stable, a straight line. As the heart rhythm  flows, up and down, that represents the life. Today you wake up and you feel fabulous, tomorrow you wake up and you feel depressed or low or sick. That’s the life and each day is valuable whether it is up or down. Each moment is valuable . This is the greatest  lesson that you can give to your children. No matter what is happening in your life make the best of it. Find out how you can grow from that experience whether it is good or bad. A good job, a bad job, a

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MEDITATION in honor of ATHENA GODDESS of wisdom, courage and inspiration

Join Jayne Claire channeling the DELPHINIANS under the big Rock , ACROPOLIS in ATHENS on SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2018 at 12:00hrs for a group reading and meditation geared towards incorporating the energies of the Goddess ATHENA into your field.

Meet under the entrance to the theater before 12:00pm !

Suggested donation 20euros.

For more information call JC +30  6987944921


Sharing what we remember from what was said during the reading yesterday morning, Saturday 29/06, at the mud baths (the not recorded Part)
(J.) First of all, all rocks have faces…
no matter where you’re looking, look for the face, look for the mouth, look for the eyes and then look for the form – you might see animal forms, humans, spacemen, but you can see forms…
and this is how you can share power with the rocks: by seeing them… you know that any time you have a problem, if you talk to your friends, you just want them to see you, don’t you? You want them to see as much as they can about your experience so that they share with you…
so yesterday what I remember…
we were talking about Intuition
of course, we all remember the exercise with the mirror where

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Thessaloniki, Open

Many of you have already been introduced to this Energy so it won’t be a surprise…
We know who’s arriving – and some people have better excuses than others…
Some people are very good at making excuses, finding excuses – not to move, not to grow, not to change; but those of you who know Us, know that it’s quite difficult not to adjust yourselves, not to find a reason to grow…
We’re here for energy adjustment… We have raised the bet… We’re raising the bid…
You have to give more in order to receive
If you’re gambling, sometimes, you have to put your life on the line, don’t you?
What is that line’, you might ask…
What does it mean to ‘put your life on the line’?
– Has anyone here been close to Death? Have you had a near-death experience?

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